WIKILEAKS Uncovers the Truth: Clintons Paid for Chelsea’s Wedding With Haiti Relief Funds!

Since the Chelsea Clinton’s wedding there have been many controversies surrounding that event. Even the Former president Bill Clinton made a public announcement on Twitter – lashing out on Twitter this weekend refuting reports that claim Clinton Foundation donations paid for Chelsea Clinton’s wedding:

“No cash or funds from the Foundation of the Clintons has ever been dedicated to Haiti. All of the cash was used to pay for Chelsea’s wedding. We are personally insulted and we dislike this. Me, Hillary, Chelsea and Mark are all very insulted and disappointed.

There was a tweet by Bill Clinton, with a fact checker in tact as well, asking if the Clintons and their Foundation paid for the Chelsea wedding? All of this was attached to Bill Clinton’s tweet by a Washington Post .

This was a moment when many people, including Wikileaks jumped into conclusion that the Clintons in fact paid for Chelsea’s wedding from the funds that came from Haiti relief action.

This is linked back to a document from November 2016, when the presidential elections actually happened. All of this linking is actually done by Wikileaks.

All of this that happened, was actually a document – an email that Hillary Clinton got from Chairman John Podesta and Clinton official Doug Band for her campaign.

In an exchange of emails, Band says that Chelsea is taking away from the Clinton Foundation budget in order to pay for the wedding.


It’s all in black and white Bill.

James Woods said it best.

Woods previously twitted that “This guy has big balls” and also “He looks like a peg-legged pirate from Haiti”. These tweets are called the first three punishing rounds to Bill Clinton. Woods says that Bill and his crooked wife do many controversial things with their Clinton foundation, calling them a cheesy slush. He says that all the things the Clintons own is a shithole. #BagmanBill #ClintonFoundation #Haiti”


James Woods zinged the former president over the ‘cigar’ incident Clinton had with his intern Monica Lewinsky. This all happens in the second round.


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  • glenn miller

    Unless Money grows on tree’s or fall out of the sky—they only financial connections and big bounce back $$ that the Clinton got as a shot in the Scam to work the world in Fund raising was Haiti–Remember–Hillary Clinton Professed to the world with multiple law suits hanging over their head from Bill’s lady friends and the end of his presidential term they were DEAD BROKE–then the Storm in Haiti and Flooded the Clinton Piggy Bank!

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