WAYNE ALLYN ROOT: Did President Trump Just Declare WAR on Hillary, Deep State and DC Swamp?

December 21st is a day that will live in infamy. We should all remember that date, because the whole world changed on December 21st. And you know what is crazy? That nobody and no one noticed. But of course, this will soon change.

Michael Savage, who is a great conservative talk host is also the first one who defined liberalism as a “mental illness.” But we can surely say that the liberals back then were relatively sane compared to the liberals of the 21st century.  The liberals of today are are spitting and howling at the moon. They are threatening publicly to assassinate President Donald Trump.

Last weekend, one protestor at the Los Angeles women’s march did exactly that. He carried a sign that said “Kill Donald Trump, Kill Mike Pence. It’s guillotine time, bitches.” Then, she was asked what she wanted in the place of these politicians. She answered, saying that she wanted an absolute  “communist utopia.”

Liberalism is sweet, isn’t it?

The Liberal meltdown is expected, and the timing for this is absolutely perfect. Liberals are very busy, but they are not noticing some things. President Donald Trump is doing so much while they are just talking nonsense.

President Trump is erasing Obama and his history like he never existed. Hour by hour, day by day, our President Trump is erasing everything Obama ever did. These things include TPP, The Paris Climate Accord, Obama’s taxes, Dozens of massive EPA dictates, Coal mining bans, DACA, The Obamacare mandate, and many other things.

However, this is only part one of the best Donald Trump will do. President Trump promised us way more, but the the mainstream media clearly doesn’t understand what just happened.



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