Most Wanted Terrorist Leader Does Israel’s Job and Shot Himself

One of the most wanted Israel terrorist named Imad al-Alami shot himself in the head while cleaning his weapon.

According to many sources , Imad al-Alami, kept his weapons in his house, and while trying to clean his belongings, he accidentally shot himself.

Now, al-Alami is in hospital in critical condition fighting for his life. Not too many tears were shed because this incident in Israel.

Times of Israel stated that Imad al-Alami was one of the creator of Hamas, which controls Gaza Strip. Also, Imad al-Alami was serving in his terror group, long before 2008.

According to anonymous sources al-Alami was the key link between terrorst group named Hamas and Iranians in Tehran.

It’s not the first time terrorist Imad al-Alami suffered this kind of injures. Time of Israel reported that Imad had serious leg injures during the long Israel-Gaza war in 2014. Although, the circumstances are not certainly clear about how Imad al-Alami suffered those leg injures. Rumors are he collapsed inside a tunner which senior Hamas member were hiding.

Another rumor is that he was injured by gunfire happening between Hamas activist.Times of Israel reported that , many of Islamist wants to stay in the media attention, but not al-Alami, he always wanted to stay out of it.

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