Trump Denies Making Crude Remark

President of the United States, later yesterday, made a statement who was obviously a problem for many, questioning the U.S government, why is always taking immigrants from ‘’s—hole’’ countries.  Later today, he confirmed that the language used by him at DACA meeting was rough, but he denied that he used those words.

President Trump also stated that the United States should welcome more people in, for example from Norway, which he obviously admires a lot.

Many sources tells that this rough language used by President Trump, was referred for those immigrants who came from African countries or, Haiti. Trump in his statement, that he never said anything similar to this,  adding that he has a very good relationship with the Haitians.

Mia Love, Republican from Haiti, commented that Trump’s words are unkind, and opposite of American values.

President Trump turned off the ‘’DACA’’ deal , which many Democrat Senators were hammering out , trying to extend protection for young illegal immigrants brought to U.S as children.

Trump also said that, he plans to cooperate with those Democrats who support the DACA deal, but only if they agree to a deal with Congress on immigration which includes going along with the U.S-Mexico border.

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