TREASON: 24 Democrats Caught In Plot to REMOVE Trump. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

Why do Democrats hate President Trump so much? On the one hand, his “America First” platform goes against decades of liberal consensus. On the other hand, his 2016 campaign made all of their billions of donor money worthless.

Now, since Democrats cannot impeach Trump with a false Russian conspiracy narrative, they have moved towards removing Trump via the 25th Amendment. Maryland liberal Jamie Raskin has moved forward with a proposal to establish that Trump is “unfit” for the presidency, via Daily Mail.

Raskin’s plan calls for the formation of a special organization of psychiatrists to analyze the president. With Congress’s blessing, Raskin sincerely believes that the 25th Amendment, which gives Congress the ability to remove the president if he is unable to carry out his duties, can be used to remove Trump.

The only problem with Raskin’s plan is that Vice President Mike Pence has to agree to it.

Good luck with that one, Rep. Raskin.

Unfortunately, two dozen Democrats have already raced to join Raskin’s campaign.

The weakness of the Democrats in the House and Senate may be the only reason why this coup attempt has not yet gained great traction.

Interestingly enough, the co-sponsor of Raskin’s proposed bill is Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), the corrupt former chair of the DNC who was caught by WikiLeaks stacking superdelegate votes against Bernie Sanders, via Washington Free Beacon.

In many ways, what we’re seeing right now is the final gasps of a dying party. The Democrats have decided two things: 1) to never learn from their mistakes, and 2) to move further and further to the Left.

Unable to defeat Trump at the ballot box, Dem operators then moved to pushing a fake Trump-Russia conspiracy.

Now, thanks to the testimony of former FBI Director James Comey, and the revelation that the New York Times lied about seventeen U.S. agencies pursuing Russian meddling in the election, the conspiracy theory is dead, via Consortium News.

The only thing the desperate Dems have left is the idea that President Trump is somehow mentally or physically unfit to carry out the duties of the executive office.

So far, Raskin and others have provided no evidence of Trump being either mentally unbalanced, or physically infirm. The only thing they can do is point to his combative tweets as evidence.

Hey, Democrats! President Trump is perfectly fit for the office. You just don’t want to admit that your days are numbered.

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