Supreme Court Destroys Obama 5-4

We’ve seen multiple Obama-era programs meet their maker since Trump has taken office. It’s really no loss since the majority of what the Obama administration accomplished was totally useless. The horrible healthcare program that we all know as Obamacare is the perfect example. We are depending on President Trump and Congress to put an end to Obamacare before more people suffer. We are in dire need of a workable healthcare plan.

Obama’s immigration policies were even worse than his healthcare plan. While he cares more about illegal immigrants than the American people, we now have a president who has our best interests at heart. The Democratic Party need to stop allowing illegal immigrants to take precedence over American citizens. Their plan of indulging illegal aliens with sanctuary cities and turning them into Democratic voters is not going to work anymore.

With President Trump in charge, the Department of Homeland Security is now ditching Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). This ridiculous program actually allowed illegal immigrants who came to America as children to stay in our country with impermanent lawful status. The Supreme Court upheld the position of the Trump administration.

“A temporary ruling in favor of one of Trump’s immigration rules has stepped right over a program left by Barack Obama.”

“Too late on Friday for anyone in the main stream media to react, the Supreme Court voted in favor to allow the Trump administration to conceal records they have that deal with the cancellation of the DACA program. The DACA program, or the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program was an Obama-era rule that gave temporary legal status to any person who entered the country (sometimes with their parents, sometimes by themselves) who was still a minor at the time.”

It is extremely important to note that those in the United States due to DACA are not all upstanding individuals. There are many criminals here because of the program.

“Gangs like MS-13 are notorious for having members that have abused the system. Whenever ICE makes a wide sweep to arrest members of the gang, even main stream media outlets are forced to admit that several of the number were part of the DACA program.”

The Department of Justice as well as different individuals from the Trump administration are obviously happy with the ruling, as are Conservatives all around the country.

“A spokeperson for the Department of Justice gave more information on the temporary ruling. The Supreme Court was handling the case after a lower court ruled that the Trump administration must disclose all emails, letters and similar memos related to DACA decisions by December 22nd of this year, but spokesman Devin O’Malley says that they are ‘pleased’ with the Supreme Court’s decision which stamps down on the ‘overreach’ by the district court who attempted to tell the Oval Office to hand over sensitive article.


The left has been using programs like DACA to force their policies on the rest of the country. We can no longer allow this kind of garbage. If the Democrats were to take back the White House, they could stack the government courts with justices who are entirely politically motivated. If they were to get five Liberals on the Supreme Court, we would be in deep trouble. It’s the decision to get rid of programs like DACA that will save our country.

This decision just goes to show just how important President Trump winning the election was to our country. We truly needed him in office in order to even try to mend our country, which has become so broken after eight years of Barack Obama. The Left is prepared to do just about anything to destroy Trump’s presidency, and we cannot allow that to happen.

While this is certainly uplifting news, we must keep in mind that it is only a single step. We must keep pushing forward to undo all of the damage that Barack Obama inflicted on our country while in office.

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