Singer Moby Claims that CIA Asked Him to Post About Trump and Russia

Singer Moby is his statement later today, claims that CIA operatives asked him to post and spread lies about Trump cooperating with Russian governement. The real reason was, Moby having a lot social media followers.

Moby’s birth name is Richard Melvielle Hall, and in his recent interview told Kentacky radio that some of his friends in CIA asked him to start spreading lies about President Trump.

Kyle Meredith, asked Singer Moby about some post he wrote in 2017, and after this written post, Moby rethink it, and spent some alone time with friends who are currently working in D.C , and right after that he was sure that this Fusion GPS Dossier is 100% true. In this post was also included that Trump is working with the Russian government behind America’s back.

Moby also said that he wrote this post, because some of the friends who reached him were CIA operatives, and asked him to spread that information about President Trump, so he had no other choice.

Then , Moby right before ending the interview , made a conclusion that, when there is smoke quickly comes fire, and that’s the main reason he did that. In the end he added that he would love to see Michelle Obama as the new President of the United States.

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