Psych Professor Says Trump is Mentally Ill, but Then Her Records are Leaked

It’s not pretty smart to diagnose patients , especially if you make a diagnosis to the President of the United States, and offer this diagnosis in a report in the media.

But this wasn’t a problem for Brandy Lee, Yale University professor, insisting that the president is mentally ill, and that he represents a danger to US.

Professor Lee cooperated with other health professionals and made a book ‘’The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump’’.

APA insulted the nature of this book, and accused the authors of the Goldwater Rule, which means that health professionals can’t make a public diagnosis if they didn’t examine the patient first.

Professor Lee continued defending the book, claiming that he didin’t diagnosed President Trump in a very specific way.

But, something was stinky here from the beginning. Even if Lee was prohibited to make public diagnosis, records show that professors’s surgeon and physician license lapsed in Connecticut.

After this, Brandy Lee deleted his Twitter account, so let’s just rethink again what really means that.

According to many medium sources the APA call for an end for health professors to be making public diagnosis about public persons without they being examined first.

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