President Trump Warns The Public of the Forces That Rule This World

A video was recently published that explores the forces Trump may have been referring to when he delivered this speech recently.

Trump said:

Hopefully at the end of a period of time people are gonna say thank you because it’s not easy, we’re fighting a lot of forces there, forces that are doing the wrong thing they’re just doing the wrong thing, I don’t want to talk about what they have in mind but they do the wrong thing but we’re doing what’s good for our country for the longterm viability and survival…

The video compares Trump to JFK speaking about secret societies. Could he have been referring to the power cliques and power players who attended the recent World Government Summit? Yes, that’s actually what it is called. As sure as Hillary Clinton was once the recipient of one “world government award,” that’s what this event is called.

The video goes on to explain that the World Government Summit was recently held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, an annual event that is attended by the elite of the elite. Seems to be exactly who Trump was talking about.

In the clip at the beginning of this article alone, one can spot International Monetary Fund leader Christine Lagarde walking with what appear to be Saudi Arabian men of power.

Both the powerful banking woman and the Saudi Arabian power cliques have some very strange beliefs, from an obsession with the number 7 to all kinds of other crazy things. One “Arch of Baal” was displayed over the annual event before: this is the kind of thing those people believe in.

Julian Assange of WikiLeaks straightforward said in 2016 that a leaked Hillary Clinton email shows ISIS was being funded by Qatar and Saudi Arabia, with the US as their backers.

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