President Trump Later Today Discussed the New Prison Reform

President Trump yesterday held a meeting talking about the prison reform which should be made soon in the U.S.

In his recent speech, President Trump said that, soon, he will be discussing a number of opportunities to improve the U.S prison system , for better public safety and for better resocialization for the prisoners.

Trump also in his speech said that the White House support our law enforcement partners, and also they are working to reduce crime. Also, he said that there is a great interest in helping these people to turn their lives around, and give them a second chance.

There is no doubt that Trump’s administration is committed in helping former inmates become productive, and law abiding citizens.

Later in Trump’s speech, Governer Bevin joined Trump, and also started talking by support Trump’s decision about these people, the inmates. In his final words Governor Bevin said that we have millions of people, 2 million people who are currently in the penal system, 95% of them still waiting to come out, so this problem need to be resolved as quickly as possible.

Of course President Trump agreed with this, thanking him for his support and service.

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