Premier League Star is Arrested in France Because Raping a 17-Year-old

Steve Marlet, a former Premier league star was arrested on Wednesday because raping a 17 year-old girl. Along with Steve Marlet were arrested two more men who helped him raping this girl.

The alleged raping happened in 1997, and was reported years later, in 2012. Marlet played for the local club in 1997.

Currently Steve Marlet is tehnical director of Paris club Red Star, but after this we don’t know for sure if he last as director for long.

Mediums reported that Steve is under supervision for this crime, and recently he was interviewed by the prosecutor Macquart-Moulin.

Many sources reported that the victim, when the crime happened was 17 year old, which means we are talking about raping a minor. At that time police stated that the people involved in this crime were interviewed at  the time, and the case was closed.

Herve Temine, which is Steve Marlet lawyer said that these are ancient crimes, and that his client didn’t do any of it.

So, now it’s left for the police to do their thing, and hopefully the truth will come out, and these people will pay if they really raped the 17 year-old girl.

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