OBAMA and HILLARY Exchanged Unsecured Emails in Territory of “Hostile Adversary”

Email hackers were exchanged by Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama. These exchanged e-mails were removed from FBI and former director of FBI James Comey. There are several versions in the statements of former director of FBI James Comey. One of the messages references an adjustment in dialect to Comey’s announcement finishing off the email case including Clinton, Trump’s Democratic adversary in the 2016 presidential election.

In 2016, during the election, Wikileaks published an email between Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama.

According to The Hill:

According to former director of the FBI James Comey, when she closed the investigation on Hillary Clinton’s private email server, she was subordinated to repatriated for five separate references – according to copies of the entire document.

Also, James Comey concluded that hackers may have approached Clinton’s server although he had no proof.

The initial statement of former FBI director James Comey was that although there are potential violations in the handling of classified information and the status that prescribes maladministration -the statement is that no prosecutor would lead to such a case.

In December, Johnson received access to Hillary Clinton’s private server, which contained classified information. The American people must find out the truth about this scandal.

Democrats are afraid that America will find out the truth about this scandal. That’s why they twist their statements. But one thing is most important that truth is always learned in the end. Democrats know that if the truth becomes known, the American people will no longer trust these people. America loves the truth for the Democrats

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