Obama Fearlessly Announces His 2018 COMEBACK!

If the rumors are true number forty-four will soon be coming out of the dugout attempting to salvage what’s left of his shredded legacy and perhaps affect the midterm elections, or at least that’s the progressive game plane, thus far.

Many things changed since Trump was in office. Moreover, number forty five has already demonstrated what effective leadership is truly all about, within just 1 year since President Trump took office, they’ve been many firsts regarding our economy.  booming stock market, a better then 3% GDP growth, record unemployment, and perhaps the most ambitious tax overhaul in 30-years.

Newsweek stated in a recent article that – Obama has said that he will return to politics in 2018 Which no doubt is the reason why former president Obama has indicated he will return to politics in 2018, setting the stage for a prominent role in the lead-up to the crucial midterm elections.

Moreover, despite the constant pounding by the media and the assortment of “fake news” coupled with the deep state’s attempt for a bloodless coup. This would be done using the Russian collusion angle, which is probably falling apart, Donald Trump is succeeding in moving his populist agenda along, despite the rabid opposition from the deranged left.

It has been previously somewhere stated that Obama ahs set up a shadow government in his new home in Washington D. C. Obama has never really left and has been pursuing power with a “shadow presidency” that started operating after Donald Trump came to power.

Amazingly Obama still sees himself as leader of transition, a title that actually describes President Trump more accurately. He says that Trump is a businessman turned politician without any strong political experience, within 1 year  has turned America around back to its former greatness.

However, with the backing of the mainstream media including Hollywood, Obama may very well be a formidable foe, trading on his charismatic appeal, and his smooth as silk delivery, in support of Democratic candidates.

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