A NEW Report Shows That Obama Stole The Presidency in 2008

The Democratic Party slowly but surely is destroyed. The Liberals always said that there were irregularities in the recent elections. They also said that President Trump was irregularly declared president.Instead of dealing with real issues they always ridiculed the Republicans. But their place came where the truth turned out to be. This people should know all the deceptions of the liberals and of Hillary Clinton.

According to Washington Times:

A group of jersey researchers have vowed that irregularities occurred in the 2008 election in the United States.More than 5.7 million non-citizens voted Barack Obama.The organization led by the research group “Just Facts” said there were irregularities in the election.These data were reviewed by the president of “Just Facts” and the team confirmed it. Someone admitted that they were non-citizens.However conservatives were right when they said it. They said there were irregularities in the 2008 vote.

The Conservatives have proven that there was voter fraud.President Trump said he would win the election in the United States, although in that period in 2016 there were no or no voters who voted. For this statement, the liberals scoffed at him. However, President Trump won the 2016 election. The Liberals deny his victory today. But with these ideas, President Trump confirmed his victory.

A new clump of studies affirm that a huge number of illegals may have voted in favor of Hillary Clinton too. This new study should concern the liberals who trust Hillary Clinton. She may have had many more illegal voters who voted in her last election.

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