Maybe Robert Mueller Did Not Know About FBI’s Uranium One Investigation When He Was Director

Ron Hosko stated that he does not know the same stuff as Mueller. Ron, is in fact the former assistant director of the Criminal Investigative Division at the FBI. He is the one who is hedging against assumptions that Robert Mueller, who is the former FBI Director was familiar with federal investigations. These so-called federal investigations are investigations of Russian state attempts to procure uranium assets in the United States and Canada via illicit measures.

During an interview on Wednesdays Breitbard News a lot of controversial comments came. The interview was done along with the co-hosts Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak.

There were multiple topics of conversation, but one in particular, was the possible improper politicization of the FBI. Mansour is the one who asked Hosko for a comment on the Wall Street Journal. He wants to call Mueller to resign.

 In October of last year, 2017, the Wall Street Journal made a famous announcement, stating that he (Robert Mueller)  lacks the ability and is not capable of conducting a credible probe of the bureau. The WSJ says that he ran for a dozen years. His best bet to help the country would be resigning, so that he could prevent additional political turmoil from happening.

Mansour stated that he was very glad that Hillary Clinton was being targeted for all of the mischief that she has done. Foreign adversaries are the ones blaming her, of course – began Mansour. He also responded to the description of Hillary Clinton by Hosko, who described her as a high-value target of hostile foreign actors during her tenure as secretary of state.

The Wall Street Journal mentioned is that there was controversy re-emerged surrounding Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. What do you guys think? Make sure to comment your opinions down below!


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