Mario Testino, Famed Photographer of Royals Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Mario Testino, one of the most famous photographers, working with Princess Diana and Kate Middleton, recently has been suspended from working photo shoots because many models working with him, accused him of sexual abuse.

Mario Testino is 63 year-old, and along with his partner Bruce Weber, also a photographer, are suspended from making photo sessions with magazines like Vogue and etc.

Testino’s lawyers denied these accusations, waiting for confirmation from the investigators that he is not guiltyfor any of this. Also Mario Testino’s partner Weber, in his official statement in the media denied all of the claims.

Anna Wintour, (and we all know who she is) , explained that she will not be working anymore with them, as long as they are cleared from the police for these accusations.

Testino work is known worldwide, because he made the most famous picture of William and Kate Middleton at their official engagement party, and he also famously photographed Princess Diana.

Recently, 13 male assistants and models accused Testino for sexual molestation, and not so famous model Ryan Locke, who worked with Testino told on Gucci campaign that he is a sexual predator.

Mario Testino and Weber distanced themself from the public because of this scandal, despite denying of these accusations about mistreating models.

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