‘It All Makes Sense’- FBI Paid Expenses to DISCREDIT Anti-Trump Dossier!

The co-founder of the opposition research firm Fusion GPS, Glenn Simpson, stated in congressional testimony it “makes sense” that the FBI paid for a British spy who was contracted by the company to produce the largely discredited anti-Trump dossier.

In the summer of 2017, more precisely in July, British spy Christopher Steele went to Rome, where he met with someone from the FBI in order to supply the agency with the anti-Trump dossier.

This British spy Cristopher actually was on the payroll of Fusion GPS. In reality, Fusion GPS was being paid by the Democratic Party to do research on Donald Trump. Steele did this while working with the FBI.


Simpson however, made a statement, saying:       “I don’t think we did,” .This was done referring to whether Fusion GPS had paid for his travel to Rome to meet up with the FBI. “I have no information that we paid for it.”


Simpson continued to speak, saying that this sort of emphasizes, you know, the point I was making earlier – which was that something that I considered to be something, is actually a thing that Chris took on on his own based on his professional obligations and not something that was part of my project.


Right before answering all of the questions, Simpson was asked if he somehow knows someone who paid for Steele’s travel to Rome.

He said that he had heard somewhere that the Senator Grassley actually was behind all of this, but he wasn’t sure after all.

The dossier of Christopher Steele in reality served as some of the basis for the investigation of the Federal Bureau. All of this is actually going into Trump’s presidential campaign and unsubstantiated claims of coordination with Russia.

Some of the people in the House on Thursday somewhere said they had actually seen shocking classified memo detailing abuse by the Obama Justice Department and FBI officials. This report contains 4 pages and it covered the investigation of the Trump campaign and unsubstantiated Russian collusion.



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