“Mad Dog” Mattis DESTROYED Chuck Schumer For Supporting Illegals Before US Army!

As you see yourself, the Liberals always find something to destroy President Donald Trump. His statements always turn him around and make him say something bad.

Democrats always say something bad about President Donald Trump, although he does something good for the United States on a daily basis. One of the greatest Liberals, Chuck Schumer, gives great importance to illegal migrants versus our Army.

However, we have a great man fighting for our soldiers.

It’s James Mattis who brutally destroyed Chuck Schumer. James Mattis said good people should be in charge of doing better things for our country.

He also added that the soldiers would continue their duty. In a statement by James Mattis, he added that active soldiers will continue to report on their duty and the reservists will not.

Those soldiers will arrive there with their weapons by the way, and told go home if there’s a government shutdown, and they will then drive a couple hundred miles back home. He said training for all reserve force would have to stop, so we must understand the critical importance of our reserves.

Also, the infantry need another year to train and become real soldiers to cope with the battlefield. While this real man like James Mattis fights for our army and the rights of soldiers.

James Mattis is the man who is fighting for us. We deserve him and we must support him in his affairs that he makes for our army. There is a person who gives more influence to illegal migrants. Does it deserve our army?

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