Loretta Lynch Already Knew Comey Would Let Hillary Go Free When Announcing She Would Accept FBI’s Conclusion

Additional messages have been sent by FBI disgraced FBI agent to the congress, reports the Associated Press. In the then talk, Attorney General Loretta knew that James Comey would allow Hillary Clinton to be excluded for the investigation with her emails.

According to AP:

They refined the decision and Loretta Liinch accepted the FBI’s decision and former FBI director James Comey will close Hilary Clinton’s investigation without any criminal charges. If you remember that announcement happened a few days after meeting with Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton.

But then they both claimed that there was no conversation between them for the e-mails scandal. On July 1, Strzok said Loretta Lynch’s announcement seemed like ‘’hell’’. Loretta Lynch is one of the suspects in helping Bill Clinton in the presidential election in 2016.

The former head of the justice department then denied the allegations and said the email scandal would not move away from the presidential campaign in 2016. James Comey  then said that he had opposed Loretta Lynch. He testified this before the deputies. James Comey and confronted Loretta with Hillary Clinton’s e-mail scandal.

James Comey recognizes Loretta Lynch Reveals Hilary Clinton’s Investigation With E-mail.It is very important that all unclean things by the Democrats will turn out to be visible.

It remains only for us to be patient and see where their dirty things they have been able to do in the past. Hillary Clinton has to pay her price for everything she did in the past period. The authorities should take responsibility for all those who have committed crimes.


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  • Sam Ball

    Here’s your collusion story..nothing to do with Trump and Russia..collusion was/is at the highest levels of the US government.

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