Liam Neeson Says That Sexual Misconduct Allegations in Hollywood are ‘ A Witch Hunt’

One of the most known actor in Hollywood later yesterday at The Late Late Show on RTE made a statement that , these sexual misconduct allegation happening recently a little bit a witch hunt.

Liam Neeson explained his point of view and what he really means by saying this. For example he said, Garrison Keillor, former host of ‘’A Praire Home Companion’’ was fired by MPR after his company was told that Keillor had a ,inappropriate behavior, with those who worked with him. Still, none of that was proven true, but Keillor does not work there anymore.

Keillor made a statement on Star Tribune that he only put his hand on a woman’s back only to comfort her because she was unhappy, and her shirt was opened few inches, so he moved his hand a little and she agreed to that. After a while, she changed her mind, and Keillor moved away from her, apologized and tried to stay friendly. But shortly after that, she called her lawyer.

Also, Liam Neeson stated that the ‘’Dustin Hoffman thing’’ is making him to be on fence about that, especially because he know how really works Hollywood.

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