Key Democrat CONFESSED Taking Bribes! Here Comes The FBI!

Another Democrat has been caught doing some serious crime! We are definitely not surprised! Maryland Senator Nathaniel T.Oaks was later today indicted for taking cash payments, and for exchange he was waving around his influence as senator, if a bussiness deal is going wrong.

As other media reported, Nathaniel pleaded not guilty to these charges, but aledgedly the court has information and documents who reveal that the Senator was taking bribes.

Investigators report that they have been following him since 2014, when they spot something suspicious about him., when one of their employees Mike Henley arranged a ”meeting”.

This, so called Mike Henley, said that he is a wealthy businessman, and that he is looking for help to devolop his project with the senator’s help.

For this ”help”, sources report that Nathaniel Oaks accepted $15.300 in cash. Next thing, in January 2017, the FBI orchestrated a meeting between this men so called Mike Henley and Nathaniel, but instead Henley, on the meet up place was the FBI!

But according to anonymous sources, this is were the things got complicated. Oaks tried to reach the FBI officials and orchestrate a deal with them, in exchange for all of the information he knew about his contacts and their ”activities”.

As reported by the Baltimore Sun, Oaks told the FBI agents that their person of interest, we will call him Person 1, would be willing to take a cash payment from Oaks in exchange for a favor from him. Person 1 took the bait, and accepted from Oaks $2.600 in cash.

So, we are sick from these corrupted Democrats, willing to rat anyone out, just to save their a*s. Feel free to tell your opinion in the comments.

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