Joy Behar Begs For Audience To Come Back After Attacking Christians

We already know that the Godless left love to dump on Christinaity at any chance they get, but Joy Behar — who apparently hates Christians — just made the core of her show’s viewing base extremely mad after she trashed Vice President Mike Pence for being a devout Christian.

Now she’s singing a different tune, as there’s no doubt the executive brass at her network probably told her to correct herself or lose her sweet gig…

Gateway Pundit reports:

Pagan Joy Behar demanded she was a Christian on Thursday’s show after she assaulted Vice President Mike Pence’s Christian confidence as a “psychological sickness.” Beharconfronted mounting feedback after she lashed out at ardent Christian Mike Pence. Satisfaction Behar, the women of The View and Democrat pioneers trust, confidence in Christ are a “psychological maladjustment.”

On Thursday Behar told the far left group she was a Christian (psychological maladjustment).

** Joy Behar has a long history of assaulting Christians, Catholic Saints and Christianity.

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