John McCain’s Long Streak As a RINO Has FINALLY Come To an End!

Normally, I would feel a great deal of empathy for a person about to die from cancer. However, in the case of John McCain i’m afraid I have no such empathy. He is a traitor to his country, he was a traitor to his marriage vows, He is a traitor to the people he was supposed to serve with in Viet Nam, and he is a traitor to the people he is supposed to represent in Arizona.

All with absolutely no remorse. Well, soon he will meet his maker and I feel no empathy for him about that either. God help me to find at least a shred of empathy for this man.

John McCain is driving an awful battle against the Russian government since the November decision.

In January McCain recommended the Russian “hacking” of the race was a “demonstration of war.”But it wasn’t that long back that Senator McCain asked for crusade gifts from Russian authorities.

Wikileaks discharged records this week following the sudden demise of Russian UN envoy Vitaly Churkin.

There are a few records on McCain’s ask for gifts from the Russians. In 2008 the Russian mission discharged a letter on a raising money endeavor from John McCain.

As indicated by Reddit clients John McCain unlawfully requested battle gifts from the Russian Ambassador. (A similar envoy that kicked the bucket abruptly on Monday) This globalist screeches about the Russian impact while he himself took part in it. The Russians disclosed to McCain they would not give to his crusade.

UPDATE:  Wikileaks has a few posts that say this demand from John McCain for gifts. The reaction from the Russian representative was incorporated into the reports. McCain supporters said the Russians were reacting to a normal mailer from his 08 battle.

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