John Kerry – ‘I Might Challenge Trump in 2020!

One of the famous Democratic presidential candidates is John Kerry. In a secret meeting he has allegedly said that he plans on thinking our current President, Mister Donald Trump in 2020 in the race for the President of the United States.

In an act of resistance to Donald Trump , Mister John Kerry hinted to Mahmoud Abbas (a Palestinian associate) that he might throw his hat in the ring for a second time. All of these information are coming from the Jerusalem Post.

We have some leaked information from the meeting. Allegedly, Mister Kerry has told Abbas that the Paleistinians must hold strong, because the Presidency of Donald Trump will not be here for much lionger. He said that the Palestinians need to believe in their spirit and wait for more time to pass.

Who would have thought that he is the man that has dreamed for a peace truce between Palestinians and Israelis. Mahmoud Abbas is the one who should construct his own peace plan, says Mister Kerry. Kerry reportedly said that it might be the time for the Palestinians to define their principles of peace. They should be the one to create a positive and a big plan, stated Kerry.

When Hillary Clinton vacated the position it was him, Mister Kerry, who took over the position of secretary of state. All of this was during the presidency of Barrack Obama. He was very confided that deep state insiders in the Department of State and the U.S. intelligence community do not like President Donald Trump. He also allegedly urged Abbas to launch personal attacks on Trump meant to enrage the president and force him to make errors.

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