Jim Carrey, Jamie Lee Curtis Lash Out At President Trump

Jim Carrey and Lee Curtis blame President Trump for the nuclear missile scare in Hawaii by mistake on Saturday Morning, as reported by Hawaii Emergency Agency.

Jamie Lee Curtis recently twitted that Hawaii missile scare is on President Trump, and the fear that families felt in ON Trump. He also twitted that President Trump should be ashamed of his actions.

Jim Carrey also wrote on his Twitter account, along with a picture with a big cloud happened because of nuclear weapon, that Trump will bring a global nuclear holocaust. He wrote that while he was in Hawaii, he woke up with only ten minutes to live, and yes it was false alarm, but everyone was really scared.

He said that the Republicans can not allow this man and his corrupt Congress to continue playing with the world, and if America don’t stop this immediately we are doomed.

So, let’s just say that Jim Carrey is not the only one from the celebrities to lash out on President Trump, but he certainly does not have the right to talk about politics. He certainly does not have the right to talk about mistakes. After all, he is an actor, not a President of the United States.

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