Hot Air Balloon Basket Smashes Into the Ground Leaving 4 in Hospital

Recent footage has emerged showing 15 people in hot air balloon basket, and right before crashing into the ground, the hot air balloon flips over and leaves 4 person in hospital with injures.

The balloon basket was flying over New South Wales Hunter Valley, and right before boarding on the ground, the ballon started to flip over and smahed into the bush causing these four people light injures, including a 80 year-old woman.

The 80-year old woman is with fractured leg, and one girl of these 4 injured people is with spinal injures, but out of life threatening situation. These two injured people were airlifted in John Hunter Hospital, as many sources recently reported. Paramedics in New South Wales Valley stated that they are very happy that more people weren’t hurt in this accident. The main reason why this hot air balloon crushed is because of a shift in wind, that happened quicker that expected.

After this unpredictable situation, the pilot decided to land the air balloon on the first available landing spot. As Australian mediums report, the Air Transport Safety Bureau will continue further with the investigation, offering support and help for those people who are on board and survived the crash.

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