Hillary’s Crazy New Career: Leaves Politics To Become Hollywood Star On CBS TV Show

Hillary Clinton is following her second biggest dream: to become a major Hollywood star. After she failed at achieving her biggest dream of winning the presidency, it seems she is ready to start a crazy new career, and CBS is making that dream come true. Hillary will be joining a hit TV show, but there’s just one big problem. Don’t miss this.

Hillary Clinton is packing her bags for the bright lights of Hollywood, and she is so excited. The former failed presidential candidate has landed a role on the CBS hit series “Madam Secretary” starring Tea Leoni.

Fox News reported, “Madam Secretary” will feature some famous faces when the political drama returns this fall. CBS announced Tuesday that Hillary Clinton, Madeleine Albright, and Colin Powell are all slated to appear when the show returns for its fifth season.”

Series star Tea Leoni tweeted she “was incredibly honored” to have the former real-life secretaries of state on set. But we know when it comes to Hillary Clinton, she’s got her mind on making sure her role will eclipse Powell’s and Albright’s.

“In the episode, Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord, played by Téa Leoni, turns to the former secretaries of state to ask their advice on how to respond to a delicate situation,” CBS said.

Well, that’s going to be tough for Hillary. Will Leoni’s character ask Hillary how to handle a violent “situation” in the Middle East involving an American ambassador that leaves four Americans dead? Or maybe the “Madam Secretary” character will want Mrs. Clinton to give her advice on how to set up a home-brewed server and not serve prison time.

CBS News added, “It’s not too surprising that Clinton and Albright are guest-starring in the series. Last fall, executive producer Morgan Freeman told CBS This Morning that they are both fans of the show.”

Rumors are swirling that Hillary is hoping to turn her role into a reoccurring one, but we see another potential problem with that: can Hillary Clinton act? Sure, playing yourself can’t be that difficult but consider who we are talking about.

Hillary Clinton played that role all through the campaign season, and she came off fake and disingenuous. The real Hillary is abrasive and ruthless. Hillary’s ego was so out of control during her 2016 presidential run she was caught agreeing that the CBS show “Madam Secretary” was about her, even though Madeline Albright was also a woman and SOS.

Guess who else will be dropping in as “guest stars”? Yep, Barack and Michelle Obama, who are also trying to conjure up some type of Hollywood stardom over at Netflix. CBS added, “The series, which is entering its fifth season on October 7, will kick off with appearances by Barack and Michelle Obama, who will help Tea Leoni, who plays the fictional secretary of state Elizabeth McCord, respond to highly charged diplomatic issues.”

Twitchy reported, “This is just sad. Apparently, the next step in Hillary Clinton’s career is as a celebrity TV guest star. And maybe Hillary can turn this into a recurring gig, kind of like how Charo kept showing up on ‘Love Boat’?”

Many Americans weighed in on Hillary’s new career, and they aren’t impressed.

The last we saw Hillary Clinton in public, she was wearing what looked like a huge hospital gown with reports saying she had “bust out of her hospital room.” It was that pathetic. Now, we can look forward to watching a cringe-worthy acting performance as she pretends to save the world on CBS.

Hillary Clinton isn’t going anywhere. She’s not going away. She is aching for the limelight. And now, she is pushing her way into Tinseltown, hoping to get her own star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

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