FBI is Investigating Millions Of Improperly Funneled Dollars to Clinton Foundation

Not another day goes by without scandal about Clintons family. According to many sources FBI are curently investigationg millions of mishandled taxpayer money funneled suspiciously from Australian taxypayers.

According to report from the media, the FBI asked Australian police officer, to report all of his gathered information about Clinton foundation receiving 10$ million mishandled taypayer money.

As this Australian police officer reported, he has been asked to provide the FBI with more information about these alegations about Clinton  Foundation and their alegged improper donations to CF funded by Australians.

There are presumptions that between 2006 and 2014, the Clinton Foundation received more that $88 million from Australian taxpayers. Smith, the Australian police officer named many key persons in this conspiracy, which included Hillary and Bill Clinton ,last year Australian Prime minister Gillard and many Australian governement officials – including the diplomats.

Some of the media news reported, that according to one anonymous witness, who was inteviewed by the FBI about this conspiracy, told the media, that the FBI were very professional with the questions, trying to stay focused and ask questions only about these Clinton donors, and trying to get the truth out about these alegations and their aleged improper donations.

Just to remind you, the Austraian governement last year, in 2016, made an announcement that they will stop pouring millions dollars linked to the Clinton charities. It is really suspicious that this statement was just made, right after Hillary Clinton lost the election.

The Clinton foundation is still the centre of an FBI investigation, and includes many scandals in the past 5 years.

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