Ex-Secret Service Agent WARNS: Context of FISA Memo Will ‘Expose’ Obama

One of The Representative of the Republicans, so- called Peter King has been pressured to release the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court abuse memo to fellow House members has rocked Washington, D.C.

Matt Gaetz and Lee Zeldin, who are actually awmakers have already called for the memo which is classified to be immediately released! In accordance to the news reported by Fox News contributor Sara Carter, the contents of the memo are very explosive. It is said that it could end special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe once and for all.

Dan Bongino, who is actually a Former Secret Service agent has previously warned the release of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. In the report it was said that something will destroy the image of his former boss Barack Obama.

Dan Bongino tweeted, saying that they should take it to the bank, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and  the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court docs are devastating for the Dems. There is a risk that the whole image about President Obama is about to be destroyed. The truth is that, the real Barrack Obama, is actually the vengeful narcissist we all know. He is going to be exposed for everyone to see.

It is said that the Democrats are actually in a full blown panic right now, so that means that the check should be taken and cashed. This panic Democrats are having is over the #Obamagate scandal that’s about to become a nightmare for them. Watch them all scurry like roaches when the lights come on it. – These are words from Dan Bongino.

Also, Dan Bongino stated that people should release the memo and watch the rats run away, because they are big cowards. He says that the people’s mind will be blown, and their eyes full opened. He says that the federal government and the Obama administration are full of vengefulness and they are wishing one thing and one thing only – to destroy the Trump administration and his presidency.

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