Donald Trump ss Stock Market King: Look at the List of All Time Records Since his Election Win!

President Trump is making a new record! Since his first day in office he is always looking up for the American people. He recently broke all of Democrats records. Here is a list of all his accomplishement in his first year in office:

Since President Trump is in office, this is the best year in a stock market history! The Dow ended up at highest level ever, closing at 25,803. Since he won the 2016 election the Dow is now up more than 40%.

The Dow again broke the record for 2,000 points reaching in January 4th, which has not been happened since 2007 when Democrats were in cabinet.

President Donald Trump predicted two stock market rallies in only 9 days, when the markets set new high. Also President Trump continue to close high trading days, again when the Dow increased 12 times in a row, during his presidency.

If we make a comparison, Obama and his entire team, in his first 4 years in office, never had a high stock market. So let’s make a conclusion. President Trump is way better than Obama, in only one year he did his best, set a new all time record, and let’s face it – he owns the Dow right now!


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