Donald Trump Cancels London Visit for One Mayor Reason

President Trump canceled his visit to Britain, which should happened next month, only for fear of mass protest. Trump wrote on Twitter that the real reason for canceling Britain visit was Barack Obama selling the current embassy for ,,peanuts,,. Sadiq Khan, London mayor, said that Trump is acting opposite of many Britain policies.

Yes, he agreed, Trump’s visit will certainly cause a peaceful protest across the country, referring also, that, Theresa May rushed Trump’s visit to London. Press Secretary Sarah Sanders confirmed that Trump and his administration accepted the invite from London, but still are working to finalize a date for his visit. Trump also made a statement on Twitter that the trip is canceled. He also said that the reason he canceled his trip is because he is not a big fan of the Obama Administration, selling the best location in the U.S for London embassy for ,,peanuts,,.

Also, British relationship with President Trump are now the best, especially when Theresa May criticized Trump’s decision to retweet videos posted by the extremist group Britain first. But, not according to Woody Johnson, Trump’s ambassador in London , who stated that, the president and the prime minister have very good relationship. So what’s the truth? We’ll never know.

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