Dems Just Attempted To SABOTAGE Trump’s SOTU Speech! Caught RED HANDED Planting NASTY Surprise!!

People from the Democratic party are starting to pull off all sorts of stupid and pathetic attempts at changing the political situation. All of their pathetic attempts end miserably. All they receive is criticism from the American public. Last year, a new movement was started, called Women Wear White. The one who organized it? Nancy Pelosi, in protest of anti-women sentiments.

The State of the Union address is something that is very important and crucial for the US. This year, many female members from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) will probably be protesting against sexual harassment. This movement is very similar to the one of the Golden Globes. This is where many A-listers have flooded the red carpet. They are protesting against sexual deviance and harassment that is happening within the industry. That is not everything that the Democrats are planning, of course. Allegedly, now, it is also believed that the DNC also is planning to use dreamers that will occupy balconies.


We can say for sure that it looks like President Donald Trump is fine with a pathway to citizenship. This pathway to citizenship has been for the 800,000 DACA members. All of this, done in exchange for $25 billion funding for a border wall and end to chain migration.

It seems like a relatively fair deal that is in the middle of the road. More than 50% of Americans agree with this deal. However, the ones who want to make a spectacle out of this are people from the Democratic Party.

A stunt wants to be pulled by the DNC. This stunt would be done in order to show just how much the DNC cares about these dreamers. However, most citizens of the US can see right through this nonsense. Some peop, like Pelosi and Schumer just see immigrants as numbers  that will soon translate into votes. They want to destroy the country with illegal immigrants, as long as it keeps them in power.

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  • Sam Ball

    It should be interesting to see how many heads actually roll behind this memo. Based on history in the political arena over the past year, I am not holding my breath. Seems that political and government officials are instantly coated with Teflon upon swearing in…nothing seems to stick to them. They appear to be immune to consequences.

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