Democrats CAUGHT In Lies For FISA Memorandum

Democrats are in shock over the Fisa memo that was released last week. This will result in potential layoffs and prison sentences for FBI and GOP officials. Several Republican MPs have signed a memorandum to President David Nunez to announce the memorandum to the public. This will be really bad for Democrats who have no way out for their lies.

Republicans believe that the American people must be publicly shown a secret document on four sides. Perhaps this document will put an end to Russia’s investigation into the 2016 elections.

Republicans for that document wrote-

A Republican official reveals that there are shocking and painful information that can be sent by government officials to jail. All of this can very much affect the Democrats.

The report, which asserts misuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act amid the FBI’s calm counterintelligence examination concerning the Trump crusade in the last a very long time of the 2016 decision, was really assembled by Republican staff members on the House Intelligence Committee.

Sarah Carter on her web site wrote that this document could result in the dismissal of senior FBI officials and the Justice Ministry.

This post was also shared by Twitter and by Rep. Louie Gohmert , ormer Rep. Jack Kingston , Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch and Sebastian Gorka. All that is happening can put an end to the stories of the Democrats.

They should however pay more attention to the real problems. The truth should always come to the surface forever and put an end to Mueller’s investigation of Russia.

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