Democrat Sentenced to Five Years in Prison for Fraud and Tax Evasion

The Left is proving to be more and more corrupt by the day, and the most recent news has to do with former Democratic Florida Representative Corrine Brown. Brown was sentenced today to five years in federal prison on charges in connection to a fraudulent charity which raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. Reports came from multiple Jacksonville, Florida news outlets.

In May of this year, Brown was convicted on 18 different counts of financial crimes. These counts included conspiracy, wire fraud, mail fraud, tax crimes, as well as hiding income that she was supposed to have publicly reported.

Those prosecuting in Brown’s case made the argument that this woman, who served in Congress for 24 years prior to losing her reelection bid last year in 2016, took $141,000 in cash from the charity “One Door Education.” The money also came from her campaign committee, reported The Florida Times-Union located in Jacksonville, Florida.

That wasn’t it for the former representative. She was also sentenced to three years of supervised release. She will have to turn herself in to prison by January 8th of 2018.

Brown wasn’t the only one who. received charges for the crimes, however. Her longtime chief of staff was also given four years in prison. The founder of the “charity” was sentenced to 21 months in prison as well.

The former Florida representative was indicted last year in 2016. She had been facing a Department of Justice investigation for a while beforehand. The House Ethics Committee voted in favor of formally investigating Brown before her indictment.

The Left is crumbling quickly as their people continue to find themselves in trouble for their crimes. Now that Barack Obama isn’t in office anymore, they don’t have anyone watching out for them in Washington. It’s every man for himself, and Corrine Brown is going to need to fight like hell once she is released to un-smear her name.

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