‘Most Consequential Political Scandal’ in US History Being Covered Up by Democrats

Obama and Mueller are involved in many unclean things that only hurt President Trump.
These crimes that make Mueller and Obama can only do damage to the United States.
All this should be stopped once and forever.

‘Most Consequential Political Scandal’ in US History Being Covered Up by Democrats

From Conservative Review:

CRTV’s Dan Bongino filled in as the host of the Mark Levin Show Thursday night to separate his proposal that the Obama observation manhandle is the “most noteworthy political embarrassment in the historical backdrop of the United States.”

The previous Secret Service operator advised audience members on what he alluded to as “Obamagate,” experiencing what has unfurled through the span of the presidential crusade.

“Obama kept an eye on Trump. His group spied on Trump,” Bongino reminded audience members. “None of that is in question.”

Pete Hegseth: “Put stock in the division, not the president. Here to respond Dan Bongino previous NYPD officer, previous Secret Service operator and host of the Dan Bongino demonstrate which would you be able to discover on any place where podcasts are accessible. Dan, thank you for going along with us toward the beginning of today. So your response to how Democrats are responding to the White House choice to state, hello, how about we ensure we are not discharging anything to bargain national security in this reminder.”

Dan Bongino: “Pete, the Democrats have relinquished all validity on this case. They haven’t come clean from the very first moment. Pete, this is what considerably more unfortunately interesting about the Democrats. Their step — they lie so much they advance without anyone else story. They let us know before the arrival of the Nunes Republican notice goodness my gosh sources and techniques, it will imperil national security. No one should see this. Cover it up. Hide it where no one will think to look. At that point the notice turned out goodness this is a major nothing burger.

This is an aggregate failure. Nothing to see here, people. Move along. They have not come clean from the very beginning of this. They have relinquished all their believability. This is imperative. They are concealing what I accept to be the greatest embarrassment in the present day political history. That is the being on of the trump group by the Obama Administration with no confirmation to do as such.”

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