BREAKING: Suspected White House Leaker FIRED – Look Who It Is

Anthony Scaramucci has made good on his promise to root out the leakers in the White House.

First to be fired is Assistant Press Secretary Michael Short, according to Breitbart. You have to admit that if you wanted to be a leaker, that would be a great position to hold.

I would imagine Scaramucci has access to information we don’t, but even from our limited perspective, the man looked suspicious.

Former RNC Chairman Reince Priebus had asked Michael Short to lend a hand to the Trump campaign relatively early on.

After the Access Hollywood tape dropped, Michael Short walked out of the office. I suppose he bought the liberal bait and thought the Trump campaign was doomed.

After Trump’s victory, Priebus was named Chief-of-Staff and gave Short the position of Assistant Press Secretary. It’s clear Short didn’t believe in President Trump’s message, so this was a definite mistake.

Could it have been a strategic decision instead, bringing in someone who was loyal to Republicans, but not President Trump? Either way, Scaramucci thought something suspect was going on.

Sources have told Breitbart that the man was indeed a leaker, and was close with Katie Walsh, another suspected leaker.

Short resisted early news that he had been fired. He denied leaking and insisted that he had never quit the Trump campaign either– he was instructed to work on it from RNC headquarters. Well, that sounds like Short has something to hide, doesn’t it?

White House Staffers who also worked on the campaign said Short did quit and left his computer behind. Why lie about that? If he had come over to the Trump side, he would have just admitted his mistake and pledged his loyalty. But he didn’t.

Early this morning, the man finally gave in, admitting that he had “resigned,” instead of getting fired. He’s got it all wrong.

Resigning is what honorable people who served the President get to do. Short was fired, and his reputation is tarnished beyond repair. That’s what he gets for leaking. Let every other leaker realize that the same fate is heading their way.

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