BREAKING: Sessions Issues Order To Take Down Obama’s ‘Dirty’ Money Scam

Jeff Sessions is a true patriot and one of the most loyal members of Trump’s team. With him on board, the Department of Justice is finally reasserting its role as an organization that promotes the law, rather than a political weapon like Obama’s DOJ was.

Sessions has just given one of his biggest orders yet. The Attorney General is immediately putting an end to the Obama-era practice of having big corporations give settlement money to outside groups — effectively terminating Obama’s slush fund (via FOX News).

Barack Obama’s DOJ settlement policy was one of the most corrupt practices ever set up by a president. And it just flew right under the radar for most people. It’s not surprising given that the liberal media does all it can to cover-up for him.

Under the policy, the Department of Justice would direct corporate wrong-doers to give money to organizations of the DoJ’s choosing in exchange for a settlement. The companies would be happy to do it. They would free themselves from greater legal consequences by accepting the settlement deal.

The organizations receiving these “donations” would have absolutely nothing to do with the case in question. Instead, they WOULD be groups ideologically aligned with Obama and the Democrat Party. They included groups like La Raza and Planned Parenthood.

Basically, Obama created one big slush fund for the Left. If his friends needed money, all he had to do was get Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch to arrange a suit against a big corporation. When the business decided to settle, the Attorney General would instruct them to send money to the “needy” liberal organization.

If that’s not unethical, I don’t know what is. Many watchdogs feel the same and are applauding Jeff Sessions’ move. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for Legal Reform and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley are just a couple of those celebrating.

Sessions bluntly explained the inappropriate nature of the Obama-era practice:

“Unfortunately, in recent years the Department of Justice has sometimes required or encouraged defendants to make these payments to third parties as a condition of settlement. With this directive, we are ending this practice and ensuring that settlement funds are only used to compensate victims, redress harm, and punish and deter unlawful conduct.”

The memo was sent to 94 attorneys in the U.S. Justice Department. It’s effective immediately. We’re seeing some serious draining of the swamp going on. It’s DESPICABLE that Obama and his associates were bullying corporations into funding their pet projects. It’s no wonder these Leftist groups always seem to be flowing in cash. They use the government as a funding source!

As Sessions points out, there’s no reason for money to be going to anyone not involved in the case. What do outside parties have to do with it? That isn’t justice; it’s EXTORTION, plain and simple! This is the kind of thing that happens in Third World countries. America is supposed to be different. We’re supposed to have a government that serves the interest of the people, not select groups.

It just goes to show how politicized the DOJ was under Obama. The previous administration reached heights of corruption never before imagined in this country. They tarnished the legacy of this great nation.

It’s up to President Trump to undo Obama’s legacy of lawlessness and abuse. Thankfully, he’s just the man for the job. With honest statesmen like Jeff Sessions at his side, he will drain the cesspool that is Washington, D.C., and bring order back to America!

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