Another Trump Associate Comes Forward Claiming Obama Had Him Illegally Spied on…

Former Navy SEAL and Blackwater USA CEO Erik Prince has come forward to accuse former President Barack Obama’s National Security Council of leaking information about him to Left-leaning news outlets. This came after they put him under surveillance that he believes was completely illegal.

Prince testified before the House Intelligence Committee on November 30th of this year. During his testimony, he thought back to a trip he took early in January of this year, which was before Trump’s January 20th inauguration. The trip he took was to a small country called Seychelles, which is a chain of islands located in the Indian Ocean. This is where Prince had met with United Arab Emirates business partners.

Prince explained that he also met shortly with a Russian man identified as Kirill Dmitriev. According to his testimony, Dmitriev “ran some sort of hedge fund.”

The Washington Post ran what its editors probably thought was a hard-hitting exposé on the meeting in April. They claimed that the meeting between Prince and Dmitriev was an “apparent” try by the incoming Trump administration in order to set up deals with the Russian government.

Prince testified that the meeting was nothing like what the Washington Post claimed it was. Prince claimed that he simply had a drink with Dmitriev and explained that he and many people in his country wanted trade relations with the United States to improve in the near future.

Prince testified that the meeting was nothing more and nothing less than that.

Prince explained that what upset him the most was just how the Washington Post got their information.

He was visibly frustrated when he questioned, “What really bothers me and what I would hope the intelligence committee is doing is question why Americans that were caught up in the waves of signals intelligence, why on Earth would The Washington Post be running an article on any meeting that a private citizen, me, was having in a foreign country?”

It’s obvious that there is some serious collusion going on here between the government and what we are told is an independent press, and Prince was clear about stating this.

Prince stated in his testimony, “(T)he only way The Washington Post ran an article some months later was because it was provided by someone in the government to them. OK?” And there’s no valid reason that The Washington Post should be getting those.”

He went on to say, “That is a leak of intelligence information, obviously signals intelligence, of private citizens, Americans, moving around or doing business abroad.” He added on that he had “seen a number of reports it was members of the Obama National Security Council.”

Referring to the surveillance and leak, Prince exclaimed, “That’s illegal. That is a political abuse of the intelligence infrastructure.”

It’s important to keep in mind that Prince wasn’t a member of President Donald Trump’s campaign or even someone within his administration. Prince was merely a private citizen, although he did have ties to Trump’s circle. The former Navy SEAL also explained that the meeting was overplayed so much two months after President Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election. The Left seems to have been trying to shove this meeting into their Russian collusion narrative.

If what Prince in claiming about the Obama administration is true, there are members of the Obama administration who gravely wronged Prince. How can anyone sit back and support the Left at this point? They are guilty of infiltrating the privacy of private citizens. There is nothing worse that I can think of for an administration to have done.

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